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IUGB is student-centered and follows the American model of higher education in all its aspects, including admissions, curricula, governance, and transparency.                                 Our outlook is global, we embrace international education, and we are committed to addressing the global challenges threatening the world.                                The University is an English-language institution, with English as the language of instruction and the "official language" of the institution.                                IUGB actively seeks partnerships with institutions of shared values in Africa and around the world.                                We teach tolerance and instill principles of non-violent conflict resolution.                                Financial aid is provided to qualified needy students.                                We stress quality and excellence in all that we do.                                The University curriculum is market-driven, responding to the local and regional human capital requirements.                            

Welcome to the International University of Grand-Bassam


The International University of Grand-Bassam (IUGB) is located in the coastal city of Grand-Bassam, Cote d'Ivoire just a 30 minute drive east of Abidjan, the country's economic and commercial hub. IUGB is an independent, not-for profit, American-style institution whose focus is to produce workforce-ready innovative, entrepreneurial, and socially responsible leaders.

In the News

Four Students Awarded IUGB Foundation’s First Scholarship


Four students have received the first IUGB Foundation Scholarship grants to attend the International University of Grand-Bassam (IUGB). Each scholarship is worth $5000. The winners are Aishat Alatishe; Kenanile Olivia Marie-France Bigba; Adrien Agniman-Aman Emmanuel Cedric Agui Eboi; and Agnaman Kouassi Henry Franck Amoikon. This year’s scholarship winners are indicative of the diversity of talents and interests of IUGB students. … more

Lifelong Friendship Inspires Gift to IUGB Foundation’s “Invest for Success” Scholarship Campaign


This is the story of Kathleen (Kathy) Parker’s journey and lifelong connection to Côte d’Ivoire. It continues today as Kathy helps Ivorian students realize their dreams of a college education through her generous gift to the IUGB Foundation’s “Invest for Success” Scholarship Campaign. It was a long journey. Upon graduating from high school in 1961, Kathy decided that “….she would … more



OUR STUDENTS NEED YOUR SUPPORT!!! Last year many of you supported us when we launched the IUGB Foundation. You helped us raise money to provide our first scholarships for students who needed financial assistance so that they could realize their dreams of a higher education. Now we’re asking you to help us make that dream come true for even more students in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our Invest for Success Scholarship Campaign is a new fund-raising effort, the goal of which is to raise $50,000 by the end of this year and $200,000 by the end of December 2016. more

IUGB Students Praised for Beach Cleanup Efforts in Côte d’Ivoire


ABIDJAN—More than 100 student volunteers from the International University of Grand Bassam (IUGB) helped remove marine waste from Cote d’Ivoire’s Royal Beach Road as part of the U.S. Embassy’s International Day of Coastal Cleanup. Called Operation “Coupe de Broom,” the event was held September 26 and helped stress the importance of community activities for IUGB students. Planners estimated that some … more

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