Academic Advising Center


The mission of the Academic Advising Center is to provide a broad range of services designed to help IUGB students achieve academic success. The Center helps students stay on track to meet degree requirements, explore majors, and become familiar with IUGB academic policies and campus resources. Advisors are available to address student, parent, and other general academic concerns.

Academic Advisors are available on campus in Grand- Bassam when classes are in session and at the IUGB office in Deux Plateaux during academic holidays.


The objectives of the Academic Advising Center are to:

  • Guide students to take progressively more responsibility for planning their own academic career.
  • Motivate students to succeed.
  • Orient students to sources of information and academic assistance including referral to external professionals.
  • Perform academic advising each semester, including long term planning for the degree.
  • Monitor the pre-requisites for course registrations and degrees.
  • Advise on the timing and assist students registering for the SAT and TOEFL exams.
  • Assist students in their choice of major, including career-related guidance.
  • Orient students for help with social or academic problems.
  • Provide assistance with meeting IUGB Computer Skills pre-requisites.
  • Assist with the completion of files for transfer to other universities.
  • Assist parents to better understand the American academic system

Academic Advisors

The Academic Advising Center at IUGB is divided in two components

  • General Advising

General Advising is targeted mainly on new students, freshman and sophomores who have not declared a major. They are advised on the university core requirements for each area and also on pre/co-requisites for majors, if any

  • Faculty Advising

As soon as a student declares a major, he/she is assigned a Faculty Advisor. These advisors ensure students take the pre/co-requisites necessary for their chosen degree programs. It is crucial that the sequence of the classes be respected for each degree program. Faculty Advisors also assist students with their choices of majors and minors. General and Faculty Advisors share a student advising folder and work as an advising team on behalf of the students.

Career services

IUGB career service supports the university’s commitment to holistically engage students in career planning. Through a collaborative relationship with the private and public sector, we mentor students with regard to career opportunities that fit their values, interests, personality and skills. We facilitate connection with companies and professionals to generate internships and full-time opportunities for our students.

Our vision is to have Career Services become a point of distinction and a key factor influencing the student’s decision to attend IUGB.

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