Academic Programs

International University of Grand-Bassam is continuing on the Path Forward Journey of providing Academic Excellence for all students seeking a US modeled undergraduate degree.

The University has been offering a University Preparatory Program to students who need additional training in Math and/or English in order to be admitted to an undergraduate degree program.  We will continue to strengthen this program so that students can achieve success when taking the TOEFL and SAT exam or its equivalent.

In the past the academic program provided a strong two-year curriculum in which students had the opportunity to obtain their freshman and sophomore university level courses and transfer to a US partner university or other university of their choice to complete their bachelor’s degree. IUGB will still offer this opportunity but in the last year we achieved a new opportunity for students.

The next phase of the IUGB journey has begun.  We are now offering students the opportunity to stay at IUGB and complete their undergraduate degree.  These degrees are based on the same accreditation standards and with a similar curriculum as our partner schools. Students now have the option of obtaining their 4-year degree at IUGB, transferring to a partner university, or participating in a Student abroad program for a semester.

The School of Business and Social Sciences and the School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics obtained approval for degrees in: Business Administration, Political Science, Mathematics, Computer Science, Computer Information System and Mechanical Engineering Technology with options in petroleum or manufacturing technology.

Additionally minors and areas of concentration are being offered in: International Relations, Accounting, Finance, Economics, Marketing, Management, Computer Information Systems, Mathematics, and Computer Science.

We will continue to canvas the business community, governmental agencies and students in order to propose additional degrees and minors that can aid in the economic development of the country.

It is an exciting time for the University – a time that will produce challenges but also great rewards.  We all feel a sense of pride in our past accomplishments and are looking forward to the future.



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