Continuing Education


Mr. Jules Yao-Kokore, Program Manager, Continuing Education

Why Continuing Education?

In today’s constantly changing and intellectually challenging world, the IUGB Continuing Education Unit is committed to updating, improving, reinforcing and consolidating the abilities and skills of our students, professionals in the workforce and various members of our community. Continuing Education programs are non-degree program and, in general, are not for academic credit. However, certificates may be awarded for programs completed at an appropriate level of proficiency or competency. In some cases, programs are only meant for the general edification of participants, in which case, a certificate of completion may also be issued.


Our People and Services Offered

Our first and foremost asset is our body of dedicated, highly qualified and experienced professors and instructors. In addition, given our commitment to satisfying our learners’ needs, our teaching materials and equipment are designed to ensure effective learning. Continuing Education has a rolling admission policy, meaning applications will be accepted throughout the year. Courses can be offered at any time on a schedule designed to avoid or minimize conflict with the learner’s current professional or student activities or other commitments.  A defined minimum number of students per course is needed to run a course. The number many vary from course to course. However, opportunities also exist for individualized or bespoke arrangements to meet a specific need. Courses are delivered at the IUGB locations in Grand-Bassam and in Deux Plateaux (Abidjan), or offsite upon request.

The fee for each Intensive English and Standardized Test Preparation course is 400 000 F CFA, including support materials. Reductions in fees are normally extended to students already enrolled in other programs at IUGB.


The following courses requiring 50 class hours each are offered over a three-month period.  All courses are open to the public.

1- Leadership, Professional and Management Development
This program enables professionals to advance in their career paths by acquiring relevant knowledge in management and leadership domains.

2- Workplace skill Development
IUGB is an approved Microsoft Certification training center. The Center for Continuing Education offers Microsoft Key courses in collaboration with the IUGB Microsoft Academy.

3- Language Acquisition
This program prepares students for university studies and breaks the language barriers, which will enable Ivorian and West African professionals to be more competitive worldwide.

4- Faculty, Staff and Instructor Development and Teacher Training
CCE conducts Workshops and seminars as needed to update and improve IUGB subject specific instructors and staff’s needs. It also revisits current teaching approaches and techniques to design pre-service and in-service training courses for high school English teachers.

5- Testing Center.
CCE provides efficient preparation programs emphasizing test taking techniques and strategies which must be mastered to guarantee a high score on standardized tests.


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