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Help us grow

As a young and vibrant institution whose founding philosophy is built around a desire to offer American-style, English medium instruction higher education for the West Africa region, we invite you to participate in the development of our library as a regional resource. In particular, our current needs include:

  • Books in English are welcomed
  • Digital information on CDs or e-book format
  • Maps
  • Wall decoration
  • Magazines
  • Computers

While we continue to grow our book and journal collection, we are also acutely aware of the impact of technology on libraries of the future. We are therefore also actively making our choices for growth and development in ways that direct financial resources to pursuing the enhancement of services that are based on electronic resources.

To make a donation, please contact our Foundation Office at:

Ambassador John Hicks or ,
Office: (1) 404-280-4511
Fax: (1) 404-480-4505


Mr. Samuel Koffi
Office: (225) 22-41-30-25
Fax: (225) 22-41-30-83



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