The Registrar’s Office provides support for all academic programs and maintains student records and academic policies.

Course Registration

Prior to the beginning of each semester, currently enrolled students can register for classes online through the platform located at Upon logging in students select the “Add/Drop Courses” portlet available from the “Students Portal” tab. They click on the “Add/Drop Courses” link in order to see the list of courses offered from which to choose. One week after the beginning of classes, changes in courses can be made only with add and drop forms which are available in the Advising Center. These signed forms must be deposited with an academic advisor.

The Registrar’s Office is responsible for the production of the following documents. No documents are produced for a student in financial arrears.

  • Affidavits: Document Request Form link located in the “Quick Links” panel
  • Transcripts: Document Request Form link located in the “Quick Links” panel. Transcript requests must be accompanied by the name and address of the institution to which the transcript will be sent, and by the payment.
  • Semester Course Schedules
  • Attendance records
  • IUGB Academic year calendar
  • Certificates (for Continuing Education, special programs and awards)
  • University documents
  • Student Handbook
  • Faculty Handbook
  • Course Catalog
  • The organization of approved IUGB policies

The Registrar’s Office oversees the administration of and reports results for:

  • Course evaluations by students

IUGB community members (faculty, staff and students) who need to use a classroom during an unscheduled period must arrange for the use of the room with the classroom assistant in charge of the room.

The Registrar’s Office is located in the IUGB Deux Plateaux office. The personnel serving the office include:

  • Bakary TOURE, Interim Registrar
  • Jacky Roland DIOH, Administrative Assistant
  • Awa SAMASSI, Administrative Assistant

Office hours are 08:30 to 17:30 Monday through Friday.
Email: .ci

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