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Although it has only been in existence for just a few years, many students have attended the International University of Grand-Bassam, in search of excellence and quality education. For some of them, the journey didn’t end there. It continued beyond the borders of Ivory Coast. These amazing opportunities made possible a lot of life changes and adaptation to new cultures. Given IUGB’s relationship with partner Universities and the increasing number of graduates and friends of IUGB, an organization was needed to provide assistance and guidance to newcomers, as well as build a strong professional and friendly network. The Atlanta Chapter of IUGB Alumni and Friends Network was created to serve that purpose.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a strong network in a manner that will create value, pride and a strong marketing presence for IUGB alumni and friends. In the short term, our objective is to IUGB create family spirit and a sense of community among all our members. We plan to offer support and advice to anyone who needs it. We have several long- term goals that include assisting our members in their career development by helping with internships and job search; supporting the US-based IUGB Foundation in raising funds to provide scholarships for IUGB students; and to sponsor activities such as social outings, student mentoring and conferences and workshops designed to enhance our visibility and to expand our membership.

Finally, we hope to transform our members into future leaders, who are passionate about giving back to their community and eager to help Africa in general, Ivory Coast, and the West Africa region in particular move forward.

State of the Chapter                                                                  

Since its creation in the summer 2012, the Atlanta Chapter of the IUGB AFN has been a major factor of gathering and support for IUGB student in Atlanta. From social gatherings to raise awareness about the association and foster a family spirit among members to academic support via conferences, guests speaking, and workshops; this chapter is hoping to provide a platform for its members’ growth and professional development. As the first created chapter of the IUGB AFN, the Atlanta chapter is striving to be an example and inspire the creation of more chapters; anywhere IUGB students are numerously represented.

Meet Our Officers

Click here for photos and background statements of the newly elected officers of the Atlanta Chapter of AFN.

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