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Are you an IUGB/GSU graduate or a beneficiary of IUGB’s transfer program to the USA?  Are you a friend of IUGB who wants to help build an African higher education institution committed to excellence? Do you want to give back to your local community and help educate future generations of African leaders who will re-shape the path of the future of our continent?  Do you want to help students thrive and have a successful university experience? And, do you want to help the many bright and needy students who would otherwise not be able to attend IUGB or any other university without financial support?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, we encourage you to join the recently established IUGB Alumni and Friends Network (AFN).


The mission of AFN is to build an association and affinity group of individuals who want to support this young institution and engage in activities and programs aimed at promoting the welfare of IUGB students and supporting the continued growth and development of the University.  The Alumni will undertake activities such as student mentoring, conferences and workshops focusing on student success, social gatherings to strengthen ties and to expand membership, fundraising activities to provide scholarships for students and other targeted support for the university.


The IUGB AFN home office is located on the campus of the University in Grand-Bassam.  Mr. Felix Ahoussi, Director of the Academic Advising Center is the University Staff Advisor to the Alumni Network. AFN’s first chapter has been organized in Atlanta, Georgia, under the leadership of recent IUGB/GSU graduates.  As the alumni base expands it is our hope that additional chapters will be established.

Join Us

To join AFN or to receive more information about our organization, please contact us at:

Cote d’Ivoire

Mr. Felix Ahoussi, Staff Advisor, AFN
Tel: (225)21 3036 40
E-mail: ahoussi.f@iugb.org


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