About BSS

What is BSS?

The School of Business and Social Sciences (BSS) provides high quality education in business and other social science fields including political science. BSS programs are very popular. Indeed, more than eighty percent of IUGB students with declared majors are enrolled in BSS majors.


The mission of BSS is to provide internationally recognized higher education through technology-enhanced, practical English medium instruction in fields critical to business, economic policy, regional and international relations and politics.

Strategic Goals

In alignment with its mission of offering quality education, BSS has set the following strategic goals:

  1. Deliver competitive, relevant, innovative and market-driven education in business, economics, international relations and politics.
  2. Provide instruction and research promoting entrepreneurship, critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, global access, and community service.
  3. Model and provide instruction in ethical business practices.
  4. Be a think tank for sustainable solutions to the region’s developmental, technological and environmental problems.
  5. Align programs offered with appropriate accreditation agencies.

BSS Advisory Board

In an effort to strengthen our programs and bring in expertise from commerce and industry, BSS is in the process of putting together an advisory board. We also see that as an effective way to create important links for our students to experience first-hand, what is happening in the workplace.

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