Welcome from the Associate Dean of BSS

Welcome to the School of Business and social Science (BSS) of the International University of Grand-Bassam (IUGB). Since its establishment, BSS has focused on building a first-rate school capable of preparing students in various business and political science related fields to not only meet the workforce requirements of Cote d’Ivoire and countries in the region, but to also compete for and assume leadership roles in the global community.

Academic Programs within BSS as is the case throughout IUGB, are based on the U.S. model of Higher Education. BSS students follow the university’s Liberal Arts core curriculum and then choose from a number of bachelor’s degree majors and minors as listed under Academic Programs.

Starting in May 2014, students enrolled in BSS will have the opportunity to complete an IUGB degree such as: The Bachelor’s of Business Administration (BBA), the Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Information Systems (BS) , the Bachelor’s of Arts (BA) in Political Science, and the Bachelor’s of Science (BS) in Political Science. BSS will also offer minors in various fields in business.

Even though IUGB is moving forward to grant its own undergraduate degrees, the University will continue its collaboration with its partner institutions in the United States of America including Georgia State University, University of Houston and University of Alabama through faculty and student exchange programs, study abroad, professional development programs and collaborative research and teaching activities.

BSS plays a critical role in helping to fulfill IUGB’s mission of providing a practical, technology based education that will put our graduates to work in resolving the development challenges facing Cote d’Ivoire and the region at large.

Please join in and support our efforts to educate and train future African and world leaders.

Sincerely yours,

Koffi N’Da, PhD.

Associate Dean, School of Business and Social Science


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