Faculty Convocation and Orientation Spring 2019 Semester

Both full-time and part-time faculty took part in the usual orientation, organized a week before the start of classes, featuring workshops, information sessions and opportunities for faculty to present their research. The event was opened by the VPAA who shared the University’s achievements in the past semester and the projects ahead. He then presented the expectations from faculty in terms of teaching, research and service. The University policies regarding class attendance, incomplete work and faculty rank promotion were discussed.

The different sessions, which were led by faculty members, discussed the American standards in academic papers, writing across the curriculum, learning styles of IUGB students, using Turnitin, digital teaching tools, event management, and a presentation of research about self-organized learning. The UPP faculty held an overview and discussion of freshman readiness with university faculty. The STEM faculty had a session on Capstone supervision.

In addition to the workshops, the new faculty members received assistance from Finance and Administration, Human Resources, Medical Center, Transportation and Security, IT, Library, and Student Affairs.

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