International Women’s Day Conference at IUGB

A panel organized at the University of Grand Bassam on Friday, 08 March 2019. Five women were honored at a panel on March 8 at the International University of Grand Bassam (IUGB) in celebration of International Women’s Day. These five panelists are a leader of an NGO of female leadership, and four others, from the administrative and teaching body of IUGB. In front of an audience mainly composed of young students, the panelists highlighted the specific values ​​necessary to the affirmation of female leadership. The conference was an initiative of IUGB student Eunice Kouamé and the “She Club” of the SGA at IUGB.

The theme of the conference was “Empowering women’s lives.” The first panelist to intervene, Ms Mariam DOUMBOUYA, President of the NGO “Jeunesse Feminine Action (JFA)”, reminded, “March 8 should not be perceived de facto as a day of rejoicing, but rather as a window of opportunity to evaluate the progress of the status of women around the world.”

The ensuing are a few more quotes from the other panelists:

“In 2018, a record number of women were elected to congress in the United States. This was not because of a major social change, but because a record number of women ran. If they hadn’t run, they wouldn’t have been elected” said Mrs. Julie REIMER, Director of the University Preparatory Program at IUGB

For BSS faculty member Ms. Celie KOUASSI, “Empowering women is a process, and change mentality in order to impact the environment. It starts with education. So women or girls should take conscious at early age to prepare a flowering life by being members of their school clubs where they can express themselves and be trained to become future leaders.”

Mrs. Ramatou GAUZE, IUGB’s Director of Finance and Administration stated, “Future leaders must have feminine qualities to solve increasingly difficult problems” She identified five characteristics of women leaders:

“They do not hesitate to break the rules to advance the system. They have confidence in themselves but they show humility.  They are compassionate and fighters. They show a great team spirit.  They are persuasive.”

Miss Frederique ALLOU, a BSS faculty, summed it all up in two powerful sentences: “Little girls with dreams, become women with vision. The only limits on your life are those that you set yourself”.

The five panelists also took questions from the audience in an interactive exchange. Solidarity, patience, dedication, competence, humility are, among other things, the advice that the panelists have given to advance the struggle for the emancipation of women.

Professor Ahmed Legrouri, Vice President of Academic Affairs at the IUGB, opened the ceremony saying that most of the best graduates that the school has registered since its inception are girls. Moreover, he added, the results of the last semester show a clear progress of the female students at IUGB.

The IUGB students offered a cocktail and cultural performance until late in the afternoon to close the event in style.

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