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Since opening its doors to 13 students in 2005 and operating continuously through nearly a decade of conflict in Cote d’Ivoire that ended in May with the inauguration of President Quattara, the University is already seeing the impact of its educational vision and model. Through the links below, we summarize a few examples of the positive impact IUGB is making through its students and as a new private higher education institution modeling academic excellence, accountability and opportunity for institutions in the country and throughout the sub-region.

The Case for IUGB   Student Success Stories   Institutional Impact

As envisioned by the National Decree establishing the University, IUGB is having a tangible impact on Higher Education in the country.  It is actively engaged in the national dialogue on higher education and is reaching out to secondary institutions to help them understand the important role they must play in preparing students to succeed at colleges and universities in Cote d’Ivoire and beyond its borders.

Several areas of impact are notable:

IUGB is modeling high quality and standards.  The institution has been open continually since opening its doors in 2005. Student success is high both locally and at international institutions.

IUGB shares its policies pertaining to academics, student life and housing and other areas with the National Ministry of Higher Education.

An innovative Feeder School Initiative, aimed at helping prepare secondary school students for success e.g. standardized testing, English language training, study habits to help ensure positive university experience both locally and abroad at the university level has been widely embraced by high schools and the Ministry of National Education.

As a result of a highly successful tour of secondary schools and universities in the U.S. led by IUGB, selected secondary school teachers and administrators and Ministry of Education officials gained firsthand knowledge of the American education system and how certain aspects could be applied in Cote d’Ivoire.

Through the establishment of the IUGB Foundation based in the U.S., the University is introducing the concept of raising private contributions to support higher education. This initiative is broadly supported at the highest levels of government. The education ministries endorse this initiative and wish to maintain a constant exchange of information and experience as the IUGB Foundation develops.

The local press is used effectively to get out the good news of IUGB. Recent coverage of the tour of educational officials to the U.S., visits of the University of Alabama, Birmingham and the University of Houston, and the creation of the IUGB Foundation in the U.S. to provide scholarships for needy students, all have served to enhance the image of the University and to enlighten the general public.

The University sees itself as a part of the local Bassam community and as such, faculty, staff and students are active in community activities. Illustrative outreach activities include student community volunteer work in areas such as health and sanitation, Micro-Enterprise, HIV/AIDS; and children’s issues.

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