Brice Romaric Esso

Brice Romaric Esso attended several schools throughout the Cote d’Ivoire, moving from one place to another. This Ivorian educational journey ended in Grand-Bassam in 2008. Majoring in Finance at IUGB, Brice was gifted with a creative mind, expressing himself through drawing and music. After two years at IUGB, he took off for Atlanta to complete his studies.

Arriving at GSU on January 2, 2011, Brice’s new environment consisted of a new school, new home, new weather, new crowd, a different culture and an unfamiliar language. Being intimidated, overwhelmed and paralyzed were not options for Brice. He saw this new place as a field full of new opportunities and challenges. He searched for a way to define himself and to take full advantage of this opportunity of a lifetime. Meantime, the political crisis in his home country and the difficulty encountered in reaching family back in Abidjan brought to life the “Artist” in Brice Esso. A lover of visual art but too impatient to render a photographic realism by drawing, he decided to seek artistic expression through his interest in photography. In January 2012, Brice bought a camera and started to learn the basics and practiced as hard as he could. His efforts paid off.  By June of that year, Brice’s work was all over the internet. His prints have appeared in several magazines both in Cote d’Ivoire and Atlanta.

One of Brice’s main goals is to take his ambition and skills to his home town and encourage and assist as many aspiring artists or creative entrepreneurs as possible.

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