Idriss Gueye

Idriss Gueye entered IUGB in September of 2009 after completing his BAC D from College L’Ardoise (in Abidjan). While attending this School, he was the President of the Student Body for two consecutive years. At IUGB, Idriss pursued a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance while serving as the general secretary and later as Vice President of the Student Government Association.

In January 2012, he transferred to the University of Central Oklahoma where he is pursuing a BBA in Finance, Banking and Real Estate while earning the University’s certificate of Global Competency.
At Central Oklahoma, Idriss has launched a project called “Far From Africa”. The purpose of this organization is to educate the international community about Africa and to dispel the negative misperceptions by promoting and providing true and accurate information about the continent. The project also seeks to promote and advertise African business and economic opportunities. The tool used is a Facebook page which shares posts and pictures about African history, culture and values, life style, level of development, and education. The link to Far from Africa Facebook page is:
Today, Idriss is the President of the African Student Association and Rpresentative of the African community within the International Student Council at the University of Central Oklahoma. Under his leadership, that organization won the Campus Leadership and Commitment to Diversity Award during the UCO Campus Leadership Awards ceremony held in April 2013.

Idriss is planning to pursue a Master of Science Degree in Entrepreneurship in January 2014. Eventually, he wants to help create competitive enterprises and promote business and job opportunities to stimulate African economic growth and development.

His main long term goal is to make of Ivory Coast the main business platform in Africa.

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