Rachel Konan

Salute to Ms. Rachel Konan, GE Business Analyst for French speaking West Africa

Ms. Rachel Konan is a prime player in the initiative between GE and IUGB and was a member of a high level delegation that visited IUGB on April 5, 2013, led by Mr. Jay Ireland, GE’s President and CEO for Africa. Her role in facilitating this visit is but one of the many examples of her commitment to IUGB. Ms. Konan, who is always exuberant about her IUGB experience, completed the first two years of her studies at IUGB in 2009.  Instead of transferring to Georgia State as most of her class mates did, she chose to continue her education in Africa. This took her to Ghana where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Identified by GE as a rising star before completing her degree, she was recruited into a GE internship program. Immediately upon graduation this new young talent was “snapped up” by GE and she quickly rose to her current position as Business Analyst for French-speaking West Africa.

In speaking with IUGB senior administrators about Ms. Konan, GE’s HR Director for Africa Ms. Tamla Oates-Forney noted that several factors made Ms. Konan an attractive recruit.  These consisted of her American-style education at IUGB, her ability to speak English in addition to the French of her native country, and her talent and personal motivation. We believe this speaks volumes about IUGB and the demand for the unique kind of education it offers in this region.

So, we say, congratulations to Rachel on her achievements so far and, no doubt, she is destined for greater things. We also say “thank you” to Rachel for being such a great ambassador for IUGB and a great role model for our current students.

Keep up the good work Rachel!

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