Valencia Paule Aurore Lonzo Kouame

Valencia started her journey at IUGB in September 2009, after her high school graduation from Lycee Sainte Marie of Cocody. At IUGB, she completed all her semesters with honors. In addition to being a good student, Valencia was also involved in the school’s activities. She was the responsible for food and hygiene in the fall 2010 Student Government Association. Valencia was also one of the co-founder and the Public Relations person of WINDAY, a volunteering club created in the purpose of giving back to the community. The idea of WINDAY emerged from a conference that Valencia was selected to attend in the US, while being at IUGB.  The Study of the US Institute for students’ leaders on social entrepreneurship (SUSI 2010) was a US program designed to teach the importance of volunteering, leadership, and social entrepreneurship to young Africans.  WINDAY hosted different activities such as conferences, street cleaning, debates; but the major event was a charity sale which helped raise about $500 that was used to purchase gifts and medicines for an orphanage in Grand-Bassam. Valencia transferred to Georgia State University (GSU) in January 2011.

Valencia kept up the good work and made the president’s list during all her semesters at GSU. She graduated Summa Cum Laude in July 2012, with a BBA in Business Economics and a Certificate of Concentration in International Economics from the J Mack Robinson College of Business at GSU.  While at GSU, Valencia became a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success.

Since August 2012, Valencia works with the IUGB Foundation as the Program and Research Coordinator. She holds the responsibility of providing support and assistance in the program research, planning, and implementation duties.

Passionate about volunteering and helping others, Valencia uses her free time to volunteer with CARENET Pregnancy Resource Center of Atlanta as administrative assistant. She nourishes the ambition to found her non-profit dedicated to helping children in Ivory Coast and bring an important contribution to the development of her dear motherland.

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