Our Impact–The Case for IUGB

Since opening its doors to 13 students in 2005 and operating continuously through nearly a decade of conflict in Cote d’Ivoire that ended in May with the inauguration of President Quattara, the University is already seeing the impact of its educational vision and model. Through the links below, we summarize a few examples of the positive impact IUGB is making through its students and as a new private higher education institution modeling academic excellence, accountability and opportunity for institutions in the country and throughout the sub-region.

The Case for IUGB   Student Success Stories   Institutional Impact

Like most countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, Cote d’Ivoire’s higher education system lacks the capacity to produce both the volume and quality of well-educated and skilled personnel to meet the demands of the labor market and to drive sustainable development. Sub-Saharan African higher education institutions enroll only 5% of eligible students as compared to 70% in high income countries.

Cote d’Ivoire aspires to achieve double digit growth by 2015 and achieve emerging country status by 2020. In order to reach these ambitious goals, expanding its higher education capacity is a must.  IUGB will be instrumental in meeting this need.  As an institution delivering degrees and professional programs in English, “the global language of business”, IUGB:

  • Offers a dynamic American-styled curriculum tailored to the workforce needs of the region.
  • Welcomes students irrespective of ethnicity, gender, race or socio-economic status and provides financial assistance to qualified needy students.
  • Models best practices in: excellence, governance, academic quality, interactive teaching and learning methodologies, accountability, diversity, ethics and discipline.
  • Advances the Public-Private-Partnership between government, the private sector and the international donor community and will help develop a “culture of giving” and fundraising in Cote d’Ivoire and the sub-region.
  • Will become a regional focal point for thought leadership, research and innovation, to address and resolve problems of special interest to the sub-region and global community.
  •  Will provide a high quality, globally competitive and , relatively affordable higher education option within the region.
  • Will diminish the impact of the so-called  “brain drain” as students can undertake and complete their studies in the region and not immediately face the temptation of not returning home.

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