Student Life

The Student Life and Services department at IUGB is dedicated to help students develop an appreciation of the goals, values and objectives of the University. Its main purpose is to create co-curricular activities and recreational opportunities for the students. The office strives to develop entertaining events for the benefit of the IUGB community and encourage students’ use their talents and creativity. SLS aims to enhance the personal and professional growth of the students and complement their academic life.

Student’s organizations

Student organizations, programs, activities, and other leadership opportunities are an integral part of the co-curricular learning experience in both schools.

Islamic Club

The aim is to celebrate hospitality and solidarity within the Islamic world. We organize on campus events, visits to museums and heritage sites.

Speech club

The purpose of the Debate/Speech Team is to develop confidence and expertise in public speaking and enhance vital communication skills through participating in argument and interpretation through structured, judged competition.

Political Science Club

The Political Science Club is a student organization dedicated to advancing the knowledge, skills, and sense of community of students interested in all political science subfields, including international relations.  The club organizes meetings, discussions, and special events open to both members and non-members.

Business club

The purpose of the Business Club is to acquaint the student with the wide scope of business and its applications to everyday life as well as emphasize career opportunities in business. The club is open to all students.

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