On Saturday September 8, 2018, IUGB hosted its 4thcommencement ceremony at the Palais de la Culture in Abidjan. This graduation cohort of 48 students, 38 from the school of Business and Social Sciences (BSS) and 10 from the school of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The graduates were a majority of female students (54%). This is the first time for IUGB to host its commencement ceremony outside of its traditional venue of the city of Grand-Bassam, due to the growing number of attendees. In fact, over 1000 people were present including parents and family members of the graduates, IUGB Board members, students, faculty and staff, embassies, and IUGB strategic partners namely the IUGB Foundation, CGECI, Coca-Cola, Cargill, Citibank, GE and the US Embassy.

The Keynote Speaker, His Excellency Mr. Amadou Gon COULIBALY was represented for the occasion by Mr. Albert Toikeusse MABRI, Higher Education and Scientific Research. Mr. MABRI expressed his pride not only as the Minister of Higher Education but also as a parent of one of the new graduates, to see IUGB training and producing quality human capital to serve the needs of Cote d’Ivoire and the Sub region. He encouraged the students to keep striving for excellence in all their future endeavors.

This year, the IUGB’s administration introduces Students Awards, which will become a yearly tradition moving forward. The students’ awards are an occasion to not only celebrate the graduates’ milestone but also to highlight the achievement of outstanding IUGB students who are making the university proud by their excellent academics, leadership, creativity and talent.  These awards are also a way to showcase good examples and motivate the whole student body to strive for excellence. Each award is sponsored by one of IUGB’s strategic partners:

Below is the list of the students Awards:

  • Highest Female GPA in STEM Award

This award distinguishes the best female student in the School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics based on GPA. This award is aligned with the university’s strategic focus to encourage young women to pursue studies and careers in the area of STEM which is usually dominated by men.

Awarded to Miss SADIA Reine, a junior student in the school of STEM who has a cumulative GPA of 4.10, Summa Cum Laude.

This award was sponsored by General Electric (GE).


  • Community Involvement Award

This award recognizes students who stands out by their exemplary service, leadership, and commitment that positively impact the community. All IUGB students are eligible to receive this award

Awarded to Miss TOURE Aminata, who not only has an excellent academic result with a GPA of 4.03, but is also very involved in community service. This year, she participated in several charitable activities, including: Christmas party for sick children at the Don Orione Center in Bonoua, fundraising and donations to mothers and newborns at the Bassam hospital, donations of food to needy at the Grand Bassam Mosque.

A committed member of the Business Club, Aminata was the winner of the Spring Grand Debaters Competition in 2017 and the winner of the Entrepreneurship Contest in 2018.

This award is sponsored by Coca Cola.

  • Innovation Award


This award recognizes innovative thinking and pioneering solutions developed by students or student groups. All IUGB students are eligible to receive this award.

Awarded to the IT Club. This club was the winner of a competition organized on campus thanks to a game developed by the members. This game called “Treasure Hunting” promotes cohesion, teamwork and interaction among students.

This award is sponsored by Citibank.


  • Environmental Award


This award recognizes students who exemplifies enthusiasm, energy, initiative, and commitment toward the natural environment, and serves as an inspiration to other students. All IUGB students are eligible to receive this award

Awarded to TOURE Aboubacar, a student very committed to protecting and preserving the environment. He picks up any junk he sees in the premises of the university and always arranges the trays in the dining hall when some of these friends fail to do so. A fervent Muslim, Aboubacar credits his attitude to his faith who teaches him values such as respect for others and citizenship.

This award is sponsored by Cargill.