The administration of IUGB met with parents to discuss the American-style education offered at the University. This is the first meeting in 2019, between the administration and the parents of students. It was organized in collaboration with the Executive Office of the Association of Student Parents and was held at the N’sa Hotel in Grand Bassam.

“It’s a system with specifics components so we think it is important to make the parents aware. So that they can better support the education of their children, “said Professor Ahmed Legrouri, vice president of academic affairs.

The parents learned that one of the components of the American higher education system is its bachelor’s degree lasts 4 years, instead of 3 years as it is the case in most other countries. Another component is that it is based on the American liberal arts of education. A system that allows you to study various disciplines while gaining in-depth knowledge in the field of student choice.

The IUGB American-style education is flexible that allows many choices in the fields of study, the teachers and the curriculum. The small size of classes and the close interaction between student and faculty are the norm. It is also characterized by the rich repertoire of extracurricular activities it offers, and the importance it gives them.

This information was given during the workshop by the heads of academic and administrative departments. They also explained other aspects of the system such as the operation of the different platforms and tools available to students. Parents were able to ask questions to better understand the subtleties of this mode of teaching at IUGB. In most instances the parents were educated in the French system or other systems and this is an opportunity to better understand this emerging educational offering in Cote d’Ivoire.