On June 12, faculty from the University Preparatory Program (UPP) visited the site of Education and English for You (EEFY) in the Anono neighborhood of Abidjan. UPP faculty members Julie Reimer, Brione LaThrop, Mohamed Lekrama and Rodrigo Islas spoke and sang young pupils in an English class. They were received by Mr. Jean-Marc Toti, the Head of the NGO EEFY, and the Director of the Anono Primary School.

EEFY is a not-for-profit organization dealing with the promotion of childhood education to foster literacy and gender equality by supporting the less privileged girls. It offers English classes to make the children bilingual.

Last spring, UPP Advanced-level students raised funds to build classroom benches for the students in the EEFY program, which gives supplemental lessons to low-income students. The benches have now been in use for a year, and it was apparent that the benches were being put to good use.