In the spirit of reaching out and making a positive contribution to the community, Rodrigo Islas and Mohammed Lekrama, both UPP full-time instructors, took part at the First National Ivoirian Spelling Bee Competition that was held at IPNETP, Abidjan, on Saturday, November 16, 2019.

More than 11 schools from Abidjan participated in a very competitive and exciting spelling tournament, in which 45 students were challenged in three different categories: Upper Primary, Juniors and Seniors. Mr. Islas has been advising the organizing committee and Mr. Lekrama acted as one of the judges during the sessions. In addition, the U.S. State Department English Language Fellow appointed to IUGB, Ms. Elaine Kerry, assisted with a donation of books and special invitations to the American Corner at the US Embassy.

Educational events such as these provide a unique opportunity for the Ivorian community to come together, promote the use of English, and boost the self-confidence of students. The first event had a successful turnout of almost 400 people, and the competition for next year is expected to include public schools and schools from outside Abidjan.