Both full-time and part-time faculty took part in the traditional faculty convocation and orientation workshops, organized a week before the start of Spring semester classes. These feature panel discussions, information sessions and opportunities for faculty to present their research.

Prof. Ahmed Legrouri, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, welcomed the faculty and presented best wishes for the New Year 2020 on behalf of President Saliou Touré. He then gave some statistics on the University and discussed its main achievements and challenges during last semester. Afterward, he explained some important academic policies and discussed few points with the audience.

Dr. John Tompihé, Chair of the Academic Council, gave a presentation about the composition of the Council and the objectives of the different committees.

A panel moderated by BSS Dean, Dr. Koffi N’da, and composed of three faculty members (Mr. Moussa Djabate, BSS, Dr. Mamadou Kone, STEM, Ms. Lorie Mattox, UPP) discussed email etiquette and best practices.

During the two and half days, different sessions were led by other faculty members, discussing:

  • Teaching Critical Thinking (Dr. Priscilla Adipa, BSS);
  • Using Slam Poetry in the Classroom (Dr. Michael Burgess, UPP);
  • Practical Classroom Applications of Brain Based Learning (Mr. Rodrigo Islas, UPP);
  • Teachers’ Beliefs: Is What I Say What I Do? (Mr. Mohamed Lekrama, UPP);
  • The World Wide Web: Past, Present, and Future (Dr. Mamadou Kone, STEM);
  • Open Educational Resources (Ms. Julie Reimer, UPP Director);
  • Pedagogy, Andragogy or Heutagogy: Which Choice for a More Efficient Teaching/Learning Process at IUGB? (Dr. Victor Gosse, BSS);
  • Financial Planning for Teachers (Dr. Frederic Bogui, BSS);
  • Franc CFA, the Advantages and Disadvantages of Having Our Own Currency: The Case of Côte d’Ivoire (Dr. Kan David N’Dri, BSS, Dr. Belinda Mambo, BSS);
  • Why Students Skip Classes and How to Prevent This Trend (Ms. Emeline Kouame, BSS).

As usual, the two schools (BSS, STEM) and the UPP had their first general faculty meetings of the semester.