The entire IUGB Community is mourning the loss of one of its students, Miss Loukouya Fulbertine TOURE, who passed away on January 9, 2020 at Half Assini, Ghana.

Fulbertine was a senior student in the Bachelor of Arts in Political Science program. She always maintained a well-respected reputation and had exceptional relationships with her instructors, the administration and peers. Since she joined IUGB, Fulbertine was always a serious, ambitious and hardworking student.

In a letter to the IUGB Community, the University President, Prof. Saliou TOURE, said that “she was an exemplary student and participated actively in several University and student activities, organized by the Student Government Association (SGA) and other student clubs”.

On hearing the sad news, an IUGB delegation, led by the Vice President and Chief Operation Officer, went to Half Assinie to present the sincere condolences of the University President and the IUGB Community. On January 17 and 18, two large groups, representing officers, faculty, staff and students, travelled to Half Assini to support the family, pay tribute to Fulbertine, and to attend the funeral.

Our campus was blessed by his friendly personality and kindhearted character. Her passing will not only leave a void in the lives of her family, friends and instructors, but in the hearts of the entire IUGB Community. We will deeply miss her as a friend in our Community.

The entire IUGB Community extends its deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences to Loukouya Fulbertine TOURE’s family and friends.