Drawing from her own experiences, Paule-Aurore Koffi records in her book, values ​​that she intends to share with the youth.

Paule-Aurore Koffi, a young writer, has decided to make a contribution to building a motivated youth. A generation that she believes must rely on the values ​​of hard work and the quest for. The author believes that, if we only live once then it is crucial to make wise choices for one’s life. The official book signing ceremony was held on January 28, 2020. The auditorium of the International University of Grand Bassam (IUGB) that hosted the event, was filled to capacity. Executives of national education, high school students, IUGB students, parents and more came to discover this book which records many advices and orientations for the benefit of young people.

Successful life in three stages

Written in simple and accessible language, the book has around sixty pages and is divided in three chapters. The book was prefaced by Prof. Saliou Touré, President of IUGB, who during the ceremony, underlined the importance of this book.  The author, Paule-Aurore Koffi, shares with her own experience the readers, namely her risk-taking, her convictions as well as the difficulties she went through during her life and study abroad. According to Prof. Saliou Touré, this book comes at the right time and he hopes that young people will grasp this call from the heart, in order to take charge of their own destiny and that of the continent. “The aim of this book is to invite every young African to dream big on the road to success and develop their own resources which constitute their added value in society. The book is also about knowing how to face obstacles, braving the fear of the unknown, taking useful risks and showing perseverance and selflessness in achieving your vision, ” said Prof. Touré.

Not for the money

The author emphasized that the book is not for profit. According to her, her greatest wish is that each young person reads it and embodies the values ​​that are conveyed in it. This is why, she asked the various decision-makers that in attendance, to support the promotion of the book, especially in schools. Paule-Aurore Koffi is an Ivorian and a graduate of IUGB.