On February 12, 2020, President Saliou TOURE invited heads and orientation leaders from partner schools to lunch, in order to strengthen the friendship that has been running smoothly for almost fifteen years.

As part of its partnership with the Ministry of National Education, IUGB organized in 2012 a study visit to the United States with principals and student advisors from partner schools. This visit allowed them to get more understanding of the American educational style and to discover other teaching methods as well as best practices to improve the Ivorian educational system.

“Now, IUGB would like to reiterate its commitment and determination to train the elite needed in Côte d’Ivoire, by being a partner of the Ministry of National Education” said President TOURE in his welcome address. He presented IUGB, its programs and the different opportunities it offers to its students for their professional and personal developments. President TOURE said that “aware of the harsh issue of employability faced by graduates from current training systems, this partnership is crucial in producing qualified elites, who meet the needs of the national and international job markets”.

The presentations and testimonials of Mrs. Athalie KONÉ, Student Recruitment Coordinator at IUGB, and Mrs. Paule-Aurore KOFFI, former IUGB student and current Assistant to the IUGB VPCOO, further edified the guests on the interest for a student to enroll at IUGB.

Mr. Raoul KONÉ, Deputy Chief of Staff, representing Minister Kandia CAMARA, praised President Saliou TOURÉ and his collaborators for this initiative, which aims to reinforce the existing collaboration between the Ministry of National Education and IUGB. He quoted Minister CAMARA saying “We are very happy with this relationship and we have an interest in cooperating with IUGB, which presence alongside us contributes to structuring our educational system”.