1. Why did you choose IUGB?
I chose IUGB because the education system is flexible and making students accountable of their success.  I think that IUGB is able to give me what I need.

2. Online teaching and learning vs in-person teaching and learning vs hybrid? Which do you prefer and why?
I prefer in-person teaching and learning because it makes me understand more and the interactions between the teacher and I are real. Moreover, I like being close with people, it helps me to feel at ease and there are relationships that are created.

3. How has your life changed during Covid 19?
The only impact that Covid 19 had had on my life is the fact that I was no more able to go to school, to see my friends and to go to church services. However, Covid has also helped me to reinforce my relationship with my parents and my sisters.

4. Tell us one thing that you like about yourself.
One thing that I like about myself is that I never give up in any situation no matter how hard and frustrating the situation or life can be to me.

5. What job do you wish to have after you graduate in four years?
If I have my bachelor in four years I wish to be a political journalist.

6. Do you plan to participate in extracurricular activities? Which ones?
I would like to be a member of the debate club, the dance club and the environment club. I would also like to be a member of the students ambassador to help new students integrate in the school and to represent my school wherever I go.

7. If you could solve one problem in the world, what would it be?
If I could solve one problem in the world it would be hunger. Every time I see on the news people in the world, children and babies, dying of hunger, I am heartbroken.  When I work hard every day in school, it is not only for me or my family, but it is also for those people, children and babies, dying of hunger. I work hard so that I can take care of them all and feel at least useful to humanity.