There is a growing number of universities in francophone Africa that are moving away from traditions and using English as a language of instruction. Even more important, many of these best-in-class universities are focused on a curriculum and an educational experience that develops students who are not just bilingual but well-trained to be innovators and leaders. We will spotlight these universities and hear about how they are educating during a pandemic and working within the educational ecosystem to support other institutions during this difficult time.

Organizing partners: Koffi N’da of IUGB, Kade Kaneye of African Development University,  Drissa Ouedraogo of l’Institut Supérieur de Management, Leonard Wantcheton of African School of Economics

Topics to discuss:

  • Immediate response to the pandemic with online education
  • Faculty and students/ pedagody
  • Access and equity issues
  • Partnerships with private sector and government
  • IT infrastructure
  • Possible opportunity for public and private university education partnerships now and beyond
  • Financial impact
  • The way forward

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