Both full-time and part-time faculty took part in the traditional faculty convocation and orientation workshops, organized a week before the start of Fall semester classes. This orientation focuses on an introduction to critical information, socialization with peers and opportunities for faculty to present their teaching, research and service experiences.

The program was opened by Prof. A. Legrouri, Provost & VPAA, who started by welcoming the faculty members and commending them for their contribution to the development of IUGB. He then presented the main activities to be carried out during the Fall 2022 semester. First, continue work on the University Partnership Initiative project: addressing the University of Georgia in Athens (UGA) recommendations on accreditation – finalizing the BS in Agricultural Technology program – the UGA workshops on Student-Centered Learning, Learning Outcomes Assessment, Best Practices in Student Engagement, Student Engagement Strategies Using Technology, and Readiness Activity – Mentorship program for four IUGB faculty members with a two-week visit to UGA in Spring 2023 – Ph.D. program for two IUGB faculty members. He then addressed the elaboration of the 2023-2027 strategic plan and the International Finance Corporation recommendations on employability of graduates. He informed faculty that the Board of Directors has approved two policies related to faculty and students in its last meeting: one concerning faculty rank promotion and the other calculation of the cumulative GPA. A new caterer has been identified and will start serving the community in September 2022.

Afterward, Mr. Dalebe Gnandi, Academic Council Chair, presented the different committees of the Council and its projects for the year. He asked all the faculty members to contribute to the work of the Council.

Different presentations and workshops were led by other faculty members, discussing:

  • Augmented reality in education (Dr. E. Ebenezer);
  • How to improve visibility and impact on your research (Dr. K. Ofori);
  • Miscommunication and social media (Dr. J. Lebi);
  • A proposal for a standard UPP lesson framework (Mr. J. Alamou);
  • Good teaching practices (Dr. K. N’Da);
  • At the crossing of food physical chemistry, nanotechnology, chemical analysis, and advanced materials characterization: a research overview (Dr. G. Kouassi);
  • Scaffolding strategies (Mr. L. Koffi);
  • Good practices in students’ advising and internship supervision (Dr. K. N’Da);
  • Demonstration of Maple software (Dr. C. M’Lan);
  • Cosmological journey and cosmic survey through the expanding universe (Dr. S. Seydou);
  • The role of higher education in sustainable communities: The case of IUGB’s collaboration with the National Museum of Costume in Grand-Bassam, (Dr. G. Gnakpa and Ms. D. Kilian);
  • Understanding the dialectic of agriculture and environment (Dr. C. Pene).

As usual, the Schools and UPP had their first general faculty meetings of the semester.