Both full-time and part-time faculty took part in the traditional faculty convocation and orientation workshops, organized a week before the start of Spring 2023 semester classes. These featured panel discussions, information sessions and opportunities for faculty to present
their research.

The program was opened with a welcome address by Prof. A. Legrouri, Provost & VPAA; followed by by the AC Chairman Mr. Delebe Gnandi who did a presentation on the Academic Council’s Goals.

Different sessions were led by faculty members who discussed:

  • Using Grammar Effectively with Your Students and Teaching Hacks
    (Ms. M. Bokossa-Mabande, UPP);
  • Project-Based Learning (Dr. M. Burgess, UPP and Ms. C. Carter, ELF);
  • Using Digital Portfolios for Assessment (Ms. L. Mattox, UPP);
  • Manuscript Publishing and Peer Review in Humanities and Social Sciences – How to Craft an Abstract (Dr. J. Adeboye, BSS);
  • Pseudo-Random Numbers Generations and Their Wide Applications in Human Activities (Dr. C. M’Lan, STEM);
  • Grant writing (Dr. A. Kensicki, BSS);
  • Understanding the Internet (Dr. J. Lebi and Dr. A. Bayomock, STEM);
  • A workshop for STEM faculty on Capstone and Internships was held for STEM faculty.

As usual, the three academic units (BSS, STEM and UPP) had their first general faculty meetings of the semester.