The Registrar’s Office provides support for all academic programs, maintains student records and academic policies. The services offered by the Office include:

  • Maintaining accurate student academic records from enrollment through graduation;
  • Managing registration;
  • Conducting degree program audits;
  • Supervising declarations of major;
  • Making student data available to other departments for administrative purposes;
  • Interpreting university, Board of Directors, and governmental policies to faculty, staff, and students.

The Office of the Registrar provides transcripts and enrollment verifications, collects and records grades, maintains course information and degree requirements, coordinates verification of degree requirements, and distributes diplomas. It is also responsible for creating the academic calendar, producing the class schedule, and updating and validating the university catalog.

Team Members

Bakary TOURE, Registrar, +225 05 05 799 827

Jacky Roland DIOH, Assistant – Academic Scheduling, +225 05 54 475 406

Séka Dolores-Viviane DOLLO, Assistant – Student Records, +225 05 45 960 824


Email: – Phone: +225 27 22 413 041 – Fax: +225 27 22 413 047

Opening Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm GMT

Office Location: Cocody, Deux Plateaux, Boulevard des Martyrs et rue K12, villa 175, Abidjan

Mailing Address: Registrar’s Office, International University of Grand-Bassam, 04 BP 1062 Abidjan 04, Côte d’Ivoire