Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (BAPOL)

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A. Program Overview

The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (BAPOLS) program offers students the opportunity to complete either a degree in preparation for a wide variety of career paths or to pursue graduate studies. The program is composed of required courses and electives. One unique characteristic of BAPOLS program is that, in addition to the required courses and electives, it allows students to choose a minor (a secondary academic specialization) of eighteen (18) credits which count towards the BAPOLS total number of credits. Students are free to select any minor offered at IUGB. Integrating a minor in the BAPOLS program help students to gain skills in additional areas of interest, thus increasing their employability.

B. Learning Outcomes

By the end of the program, students will have acquired significant analytical, methodological, ethical, communicative, and collaborative skills. In addition, the program affords students the opportunity to acquire relevant leadership and management skills.


Job opportunities include government administration (i.e.: city manager, budget analyst, administrative staff), public policy analysis (i.e.: legislative staff, policy analyst, pollster), corporate-government relations (i.e.: corporate public affairs advisor, lobbyist, labor relations specialist), international relations (i.e.: foreign service officer, international organization staff, diplomat), law (i.e.: paralegal), political activism (i.e.: campaign manager, operative, candidate), national security (i.e.: intelligence officer, security analyst), journalism (i.e.: journalist, editor) and academia (i.e.: research analyst).