Continuing Education

Why a Center for Continuing Education?

In today’s constantly changing and intellectually challenging world, the IUGB Center for Continuing Education (CCE) is committed to updating, improving, reinforcing and consolidating the abilities and skills of our students, professionals in the workforce and various members of our community. CCE helps break barriers to make education possible for all types of learners at any stage of their lives.

Our Offerings

The CCE offers five programs:

  1. Language Acquisition

This program prepares students for university studies and breaks the language barriers, which will enable Ivorian and West African professionals to be more competitive worldwide. Our partners are given the opportunity to enhance their linguistic performance in English and in French regardless of their age and level of study.

To learn more about our five language acquisition programs, click here.

  1. Testing Center: Test Preparation and Examination

CCE offers improved and more efficient preparation programs emphasizing test-taking techniques and strategies to master and guarantee a high score on standardized tests such as: iBT TOEFL; Paper-based TOEFL; GRE; SAT; CLEP; IELTS; TFI; TOEIC and GMAT. Test takers will have a lot of practice in a well-equipped language lab with a variety of test preparation materials.

  1. Personnel Development and Teacher Training

CCE conducts workshops, seminars, short courses, and hands-on in-service trainings as needed to update and improve IUGB subject specific instructors and staff’s needs. It also revisits current teaching approaches and techniques to design pre-service and in-service training courses for high school English teachers.

  1. Workplace Skill Development and Certification

IUGB is an approved Microsoft Certification Training Center. The CCE offers Microsoft Key courses in collaboration with the IUGB Microsoft Academy. In this program, workers are provided with key and relevant training in the main computer science domains at the workplace to improve or update their skills. CCE gives the opportunity to all professionals from the public or private sector to upgrade and update their technical communication skills.

  1. Leadership, Professional and Management Development

This program enables professionals, business leaders and managers in the private and public sectors as well as young degree holders to advance in their career paths by acquiring relevant knowledge in the management and leadership domains.  This is a customized program which provides professional updates and valuable resources to equip students for workplace challenges and enhance their competitive edge.

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