Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BS CSC)

A.  Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program offer to students a training in theoretical concepts and practical methodologies in the discipline. The program is practically oriented. Students completing this program are well prepared to offer professional services in emerging technologies.

The computer science degree trains students to architect, design, build and write efficient software algorithms to solve problems in languages that are understandable by a computer system and uses computer technologies to speed performance, increase results accuracy, data availability and reliability.

Currently, the degree offers three concentrations: Database & Knowledge Based Systems, Network & Mobile Communications and Information Technology & Mobile Application Development. The student can select one of these concentrations to suit their interest in Computer Science. Database and Knowledge Based Systems concentration develops student’s expertise in database and deduction techniques. Network and Mobile Communications prepares students to master computer network architecture, design, administration and network application development.

B.  Learning Outcomes

In successfully completing our major in Computer Science, a student out in the workforce should be able to:

  • Work competently in technical and professional careers related to the field of Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Demonstrate understanding of the fundamental principles and concepts of computer science;
  • Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of software development, networks and systems development and administration, and information management;
  • Demonstrate ability to plan, design, implement, and maintain a hardware, software, or networked project both individually and as part of a group;
  • ability to work in multiple programming environments, software development languages, and design paradigms;
  • Demonstrate ability to orally present information and write clearly;
  • Demonstrate ability to develop in-depth understanding of at least one specialty area of computer science through independent research and, wherever possible, internships;
  • ability to understand and function well in an industrial or commercial environment through attachments or internship; and
  • Use personal skills, planning and time management skills, problems solving and decision-making skills and continued growth in professional knowledge and the ability to function appropriately in a diverse and changing business environment

C.   Career Prospects

The BSCSC degree prepares students for a variety of careers (e.g. database or network project manager, architect, analyst, designer, developer/programmer, and/or   as   an administrator). Students are eligible to work in various industries such as telecommunications, banking, insurance, manufacturing, healthcare, arts, movie production, government, education, retail, research, etc.