Academic Advising Center

Located on the main campus, the Academic Advising Center plays a key role in the orientation and assistance of both new and continuing students. The Center helps students stay on track to meet degree requirements, explore new majors and become familiar with IUGB academic policies and campus resources.  Advisors are also available to address other general academic concerns.


  • Orient students to sources of information and academic assistance, including referrals to external professionals.


  • Perform Academic Advising each semester


  • Control the prerequisites for course registrations


  • Supervise the implementation of a Math support service


  • Assist students registering for the SAT and TOEFL exams


  • Assist students in their choice of major, including career-related guidance


  • Assist students in planning their entire undergraduate course curriculum


  • Orient students for help with technical problems


  • Provide assistance with meeting IUGB Computer Skills Prerequisites


  • Distribute textbooks to students and faculty