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Dr. Ousmane AG DALLA is Assistant Professor at IUGB since July 2014 and is also Associate Researcher at EVS-ISTHME Lab, Jean Monnet University Saint-Etienne, France. He participated and animated several conferences and workshops on his research topics around the world. After graduating in mathematics and computer science at the University of Cocody (Abidjan), he joined the INPHB (Yamoussokro) where he obtained a degree in computer engineering (option Information System and database).

On the Professional Plan, after several years of teaching in Côte d’Ivoire and Mali, he spent nearly 15 years at the service of local development of security and good governance of the Sahelian regions of west Africa, including northern Mali to the Development Agency of the communes of Northern Mali (ADN) under the Prime Ministry of the Republic of Mali, where he was responsible for the planning, coordination, and monitoring / evaluation of local development of the regions of Gao, Timbuktu and Kidal. He has also worked as an international consultant for HD (Humanitarian Dialogue) based in Geneva (Switzerland), where he was responsible for HD Sahel for social dialogue and living together border populations (Mali / Niger / Burkina Faso).

Dr. AG DALLA is a member of the GIS network: “Group of scientific interest” to promote public participation in decision-making and participatory democracy (Lyon, France) and the Forum on participatory uses of geo information systems -spatial in several developing countries.