Student life

IUGB offers a safe and enjoyable academic and social environment for personal and professional success for all of our students.

IUGB offers academic and social support unlike any other institution in Côte d’Ivoire. In addition to academic advising and other resources, we have a health office and professionals on hand to help with our students’ physical and emotional needs. Its main purpose is to create co-curricular activities and recreational opportunities for the students. We aim to enhance the personal and professional growth of the students and complement their academic life.

Where are we from?

IUGB Students come from a variety of countries, including Nigeria, Togo, Benin, Morocco, Ghana, Kenya and the USA.

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Adjoba Marie Emilienne ADIKO, IUGB Class of 2018 says:

During my time at IUGB, I stood out by becoming President of the Political Science club and being responsible for academic affairs with the Student Government Association. I designed programs to get students interested in political activism and academic activities. I won a Leadership Prize at the spring 2015 student Gala night.”


Q & A with Incoming IUGB Freshman Adaeze Prunelle Uwaoma

Q & A with Incoming IUGB Freshman Adaeze Prunelle Uwaoma

1. Why did you choose IUGB? I chose IUGB because the education system is flexible and making students accountable of their success.  I think that IUGB is able to give me what I need. 2. Online teaching and learning vs in-person teaching and learning vs hybrid? Which...

Faculty Convocation and Orientation Fall 2020 Semester

Faculty Convocation and Orientation Fall 2020 Semester

The traditional faculty convocation and orientation workshops, which are organized each semester a week before the start of classes, took a different format this semester. The academic unit heads and both full-time and part-time faculty took part in the sessions that...