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Alumni Spotlight – DOSSOU Yoro Laetitia
I will forever be thankful for my years at IUGB.

DOSSOU Yoro Laetitia


When reminiscing about the first time I came to IUGB, I remember how scared I was not to be able to fit in. Three years later, not only did this anxiousness vanish but it morphed into a state of total bliss and elation. I am thankful for the experience I was able to get through my interactions with dedicated professors and students. Their drive pushed me to always look for excellence and strive for thorough dedication in my work ethic. While specializing in the field of Political Science with a concentration in International Relation, I learned that if indeed history is an important ordeal in defining how society is perceived today, it is still up to us to make appropriate changes with the voice that everyone of us has. I will forever be thankful for my years in IUGB that allow me to finally view myself as a proud educated black female which strong voice is eager to be heard.